A Cinderella Story

A few hours of being a princess, but a lifetime to remember. 

It was a windy October morning. Everyone was rushing past, getting ready for the wedding. Being the wallflower that I am, I stood at the background, watching the other bridesmaids fussing over their headdresses. I was the last one to have my makeup done, and I was struggling to wear my snugly fit gown as the wedding coordinator hollered that the photoshoot with the bride was way behind schedule. Just great.

The Thing About Scoliosis (and How to Deal with It)

I've noticed that a lot of my friends have been diagnosed with scoliosis, something that I also have—a not-so uncommon abnormality of the spine. But the way I see it, it is a poorly understood condition.

While Google can cite you several references to what scoliosis is like, how it is manifested, diagnosed, treated, prevented, and other trivial information about it, here, I'm going to write about my actual experience of being a scolioticsomething that I don't talk much about to others.

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