Life, Love, and Aging

 Originally wrote this article as a reflection of something I was going through before, and posted it on Facebook. I submitted it to our college's magazine and was eventually published. This time, I'm reposting it here in my very own blog. 

Changes will always happen in the course of life, and the most evident are the physical ones.

We may look like gods and goddesses right now what with our youthful bodies. But no matter how much you try, age will inevitably transform us. A few years from now, lines will start to form on our faces. Women get pregnant and get sagging breasts and build up cellulites. Men get their beer bellies. We get fat, have wrinkles, and eventually will have to wear glasses as we grow older. When we wake up in the morning, we might look like hags without our makeupdried up saliva, milky tears, and awesome-smelling breaths from the night before. Yes, it is important to look our best, but we will never be pretty or handsome at all times.

On Love and Acceptance

It has been said that when choosing your life partner, you have to get to know him well first. 

That principle didn't evade me even in the world of nursing: Assess before you diagnose, plan, implement, and evaluate.

But what if even after thorough assessment, you found out that there are things yet to be discovered? What if even after all those years of knowing a person, you realize that you actually didn't know him well enough after all?

Harry Potter: A Look Back


The seven sequels of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter has finally commenced with the second part of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie. 

Warner Brothers has recently launched a five-minute tribute video of the much-loved Harry Potter series. For HP fans, this will truly bring nostalgic moments of the movie and book that have become part of our childhood. Let us journey back to where it all started and where it now comes to an endbut then again, Harry Potter will always live by in our hearts forever. <3

Movie Spoiler: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

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I do not claim ownership to the contents of this post. Additional comments are made here, though, since I am also a big Harry Potter fan.

The following are scenes in the movie that are deviated from the book. Sorry for those who haven't read HP7. You should read the book as early as now if you want to be guided throughout the movie. :)

So for Harry Potter readers who are so loyal to the book (like me), get a grip of yourselves since you will realize just how much have been changed in the movie:

Featured Movie: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

So my friends introduced me this Thai movie called Crazy Little Thing Called Love (First Love), telling me how sickeningly sweet and totally relevant for everyone who has gone through the puppy-love phase during high school.

(Plus the lead guy is so handsome.)

When I finally got to watch it, I loved it so muchit was totally relatable. Everyone has experienced loving someone for the first. Like all firsts, it's a exciting, scary, and admittedly, a bit crazy.

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