Movie Spoiler: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

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I do not claim ownership to the contents of this post. Additional comments are made here, though, since I am also a big Harry Potter fan.

The following are scenes in the movie that are deviated from the book. Sorry for those who haven't read HP7. You should read the book as early as now if you want to be guided throughout the movie. :)

So for Harry Potter readers who are so loyal to the book (like me), get a grip of yourselves since you will realize just how much have been changed in the movie:

  • Mr. Ollivander, the wand maker, is familiar of the Deathly Hallows. In the book, he hasn't got an idea what it is.

  • When Griphook was killed by Voldemort, the Sword of Gryffindor (a Horcrux) disappears from his hands.

  • Aberforth, Dumbledore's brother, didn't explain Albus' life story.

  • When arriving at Hogwarts, Harry bursts into the Great Hall furious at Snape for standing in Dumbledore’s place, even demanding that Snape tell everyone how he killed Dumbledore.

  •  Prof. McGonagall duels Snape in the Great Hall in front of the entire school before he turns to black “smoke”, smashing through a window.

  • The Protective Shield that the Hogwarts teachers placed around the school destroys anything that attempt to get through it. During the beginning of the battle at Hogwarts, it instantly kills 17 Death Eaters.

  • During the start of the battle, Harry and Ginny kiss, the directors placed this in to show their relationship and love for each other.

  • When Voldemort destroys the shield around Hogwarts, the Elder Wand cracks a bit by the amount of power used.

  • Both Bellatrix and Snape create the largest Dark Mark over Hogwarts the Wizarding World has ever seen.

  • Harry, through his connection to Voldemort, sees a memory of the Grey Lady at Hogwarts, making Harry realize that Ravenclaw is connected to one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. 

  • Harry goes to Ravenclaw Tower alone and does not encounter the Carrows in the common room. Amycus does not spit in McGonagall’s face. In the book, he was accompanied by Luna and they had to duel with the Carrows.

  • A scene is added in Hogwarts where Ron and Hermione enter the Chamber of Secrets to acquire a Basilisk's Fang to destroy one of the horcruxes, Hufflepuff's Cup. In the book, Ron and Harry just gave a passing narration of what happened.

  • Ron and Hermione are nearly killed in the Chamber of Secrets when they are attacked by a tsumani created by Voldemort, as their “lives flashing before their eyes” they lean and kiss each other.

  • A scene where Ron and Hermione are chased by Nagini is added probably after the Chamber of Secrets scene.

  • Some changes made for the Half-Blood Prince film, such as the circumstances of Harry hiding the Potions Book in the Room of Requirement, may also result in some additions.

  • Vincent Crabbe doesn’t appear in the film due to the drug charges against actor Jamie Waylett and Gregory Goyle will die in his place.

  • Blaise Zabini is present in the Room of Requirement scene with Draco.

  • Fred Weasley duels a Death Eater during the battle, and then gets disarmed, and cornered by many other Death Eaters. This is likely what leads to his death. Not the way the book portrayed that Bellatrix killed him.

  • Aberforth fends off hundreds of Dementors during the Battle of Hogwarts with a tidal wave Patronus. In the book, he only used one Patronus.

  • Lavender Brown is killed during the battle by Fenrir Greyback.

  • Nigel Wespurt is killed during the Battle, and Neville Longbottom carries his body into the Great Hall. Clearly this is a substitute for Colin Creevey, as he has been since the fourth film.

  • The scene where McGonagall magics desks and other inanimate objects to life in the battle is omitted from the film.

  • Death Eaters burn down the Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch.

  • Buckbeak, Centaurs and House-Elves don’t appear during the Battle.

  • The final battle between Harry and Voldemort will be extended, and while other parts of the second phase of the Battle of Hogwarts will be shown, the primary focus will be centered on Harry and Voldemort.

  • Once Harry reveals himself, Voldemort locks Harry up asking how he escaped death, after Harry tells him Voldemort lets him out. This causes their chase around many different places in Hogwarts.

  • Nagini is not in a protective sphere.

  • Snape’s death will not take place in the Shrieking Shack, but in a "Crystal House" that can see the Boathouse and the castle burning. Art director Andrew Ackland-Snow explained why: "We wanted to Snape to die in more dramatic atmosphere. He dies in a n extremely good way."

  • Voldemort slashes Snape’s throat open with the Elder Wand using the Sectumsempra spell, before ordering Nagini to “finish him”. Nagini’s attack is not seen, but Snape’s screams are heard and the windows of the Crystal House are splattered with his blood as Harry, Ron and Hermione watched in horror.

  • Voldemort attacks the Great Hall from the Boathouse, causing it to burn and collapse.

  • Scabior duels Neville on the Covered Bridge, and is killed when half of the bridge collapses. 

  • A scene is added in Snape’s flashback where he comes to Godric's Hollow, after Lily and James were killed in 1981.

  • Harry tells Ron and Hermione that he is a Horcrux, and that he must die. Hermione tells him that she suspected so all along.

  • Instead of Harry being naked when arriving at King's Cross he is instead fully clothed, he also sees Voldemort in the image of a red, slimy breathing thing.

  • Narcissa Malfoy was looking for signs of life but finding none until Harry leaps out of Hagrid’s arms.

  • During the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry grabs Voldemort and throws them both off the roof of the castle. They nearly reach the bottom when Voldemort apparates them both away. Ginny will see Harry and Voldemort falling off the cliff.

  • Harry and Voldemort duel at the Entrance Courtyard instead of the Great Hall.

  • After being struck with the Killing Curse, Voldemort turns to ash, and crumbles apart in a similar manner to Quirrell in Philosopher’s Stone.

  • After the conclusion of the battle, Harry, Ron and Hermione stand on the remains of the Covered Bridge discussing the events of the past year. Harry snaps the Elder Wand in two and throws it over the side.

I don't know how this guy got all these information, but we'll know for sure the actual turn of events soon! :)


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  2. Okay. It will be fun to compare the movie and the book. We will know for sure 12 days from now if what I wrote here are true!

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