Get Inked at 032 Tatoo!

Not my tattoo. Just a sample of 032 Tattoo's work.

Thinking of getting inked this summer—or anytime soon this year? This week?

Just this month, I got inked at 032 Tattoo, right in the heart of the city: Mango Avenue, Cebu City—just at the back of Alcohology (a popular bar). What I like best about 032 Tattoo is that the artists, and the owner, are very responsive and friendly.

Chow Abinales, the owner of 032 Tattoo, as well as a tattoo artist, oversees the inquiries of possible customers. He responds on the fly, at the same time giving you a price quote and asks you for the day and time you'd like to have your tattoo done.

The tattoo salon is open Mondays to Sundays (the whole week!), from 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

For inquiries, you can send them to the following:

  • Mobile 1: 09158512004
  • Mobile 2: 09235513351
  • Email:

Personal Experience

I had my first two tattoos (yes, two at the same time!) at 032 Tattoo, with Alex Cabrijas as the tattoo artist. Usual questions:

Was the place sanitary? Were the needles sterile?
Yes and yes. The place is small, with just two "tattoo area seats," but big enough for customers and SOs (significant others) not bumping accidentally to the tattoo artist at work (and hence causing major havoc to your tattoo!).

The tattoo machine (i.e., tattoo gun, which some noobs call, sorry), is stored in a conclave, and each needle (one for the outline and one for the shading) come in sterile packaging. The tattoo artist wears gloves and a surgical mask—sans scrubs, and has a sort of operating table for all the things he needs. The inks are stored in tiny plastic containers, each in different hues (I had black and white and grays).

Did it hurt?
From a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, I rate the pain about a 3 when it's done on the non-bony parts, and 6 when it's done on the bony parts and where the veins are nearest to the skin. I had Tattoo #1 done near the nape, the center on the spine, so it hurt a bit. Tattoo #2 was just below my collar bone, so it hardly hurt.

Just imagine having a 0.3-point pen puncturing your skin a million times in a second—that's the sort of thing to expect. The pain is highly subjective on the body part.

How long did it take?
Tattoo #1, which was a daisy with a quote, lasted about 1 1/2 hours. Tattoo #2, which was a tiny butterfly, about 30 minutes. This includes the stenciling as well.

How much?
It depends on the design and the size of the tattoo. For the two that I got, I paid 2,500php—reasonable for its size, design, color, and the quality (which was superb).

What does you tattoo(s) mean?
Most people get tattoos to remind them of something, and both of my tattoos each have meanings that I've been mulling over for years. So, ergo:

Tattoo #1

This is inspired from John Green's Looking for Alaska. The quote means that in order for me to get out of the labyrinth of suffering, I must forgive myself. I chose a daisy because it's Alaska Young's favorite flower. It's a tribute to her death—the death of all unhappy people—and a celebration for the rebirth of those who chose to rise from the ashes and live happily.

Tattoo #2

The semicolon means that I could've ended my story, but I chose not to. The butterfly wings signify freedom—that I am free from my inner demons and that I decided to live.


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