Bantayan Series: Virgin Island (Tips and Expenses)

One of the most prominent tourist spots in Bantayan Island (which is a tourist spot itself) is the Virgin Island. This post covers info on how to get there, the associated expenses, and other tips.

This post is part of a two-part Bantayan Series. To read about Ogtong Cave, Bantayan, go here.

Getting There
  1. Bus: Cebu City to Hagnaya
    • Ride bus from Cebu North Bus Terminal
    • Fare: 150.00php, one way
    • Travel time: 2-3H
    • Stop: Hagnaya Port, San Remegio, Cebu
    • Schedule: Hourly
  2. Barge or Ferry: Hagnaya to Sta. Fe, Bantayan
    • Board from Hagnaya Port
    • Fare: 170.00php, one way + 10.00php terminal fee
    • Travel time: 1-1.5H
    • Stop: Sta. Fe Port, Bantayan
    • Schedule: see photo below
    • Ferry to Bantayan Schedule

  3. Pump Boat: Sta. Fe, Bantayan to Virgin Island
    • Pickup point: To be discussed with boatman
    • Fee: 1,200.00php*
    • Travel time: 1H 
    • Stop: Virgin Island, Bantayan
    • Schedule: To be discussed with boatman
      • *For the above rate, contact Reynold at 0905-1237871

Virgin Island Expenses

  • Entrance Fees
    • 500php for the first two persons (500 still if you're travelling solo)
    • 100php for extra persons
Virgin Island "Entrance Fee"
(I'm scared of the scare quotes)
What happens in Virgin Island, stays in Virgin Island

  • Food
    • Buy fish/seafood and rice at Bantayan Island first before heading to Virgin Island. The boatman can cook for you.
    • Fee: 250-300php
    • There is no corkage fee if you bring your own food. 
    • There is no restaurant there; only a sari-sari (convenience store) where you can buy drinks and snacks.
  • Huts
    • Rate: Starts at 300php.
    • You can also opt to spread a picnic blanket there to save, or you can eat at the pump boat.
  • Accommodation
    • No room accommodation at the island, but you can bring your own tent and camp there.
    • Camping fee: NONE
One of the picture-worthy "decorations" in Virgin Island


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