You came into my life
     Silently, slowly
As your tiny bones grew
     And your tiny heart throbbed
And I never knew, never knew.

For eight weeks, or nine
     I had you in my womb
Then tiny drops of crimson
     Dripped, dripped, gushed
And you were gone
     Too soon, too soon.

                            - k.m.t.g.

#Hugot: Love Is Not Enough

Ever since I was a kid, it has always been my dream to work as an editor—or just a part of the editorial staff, even as an editorial assistant or contributor—at a lifestyle or fashion magazine. Elizabeth Wakefield of Sweet Valley Twins and Betty of Betty La Fea were my role models: how I wish I could be in their shoes and work as a sassy editor for a posh magazine.

And just this month, as I was looking for a new career opportunity, I landed a job as an editorial assistant for a classy and well-known magazine. If it happened a few years back, when I was still so young and naive and starry-eyed, I would have jumped into the opportunity—with no second thoughts, without considering anything else but my wide-eyed zest to be what I always dreamed about.
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