On Love, Commitments, and Neurotransmitters

Every man is paired with a woman to procreate and share a life together. But grammatically speaking, is the singular noun "woman" a fact or merely a myth? With the interaction of neurotransmitters in man's body, the answer might lean more on the latter.

In a romanticist's point of view, a relationship blooms when a man falls in love with a woman, and vice versa. With love, the couple can move mountains, doing the best they can to keep the fire burning, to accept his partner for who she is wholeheartedly, and to build a life as husband and wife forever. For hopeless romantics, love is the essential  force of the relationship. The man and the woman are bound to each other, perhaps even in the afterlife.

But in the view of science, this is all debunked.
And in the view of realists, this is all bullshit.

In the science of "love," a man gets attractednot fall in love—to a woman when the endorphins kick in. It might be triggered by a certain odor, the visualization of a female body structure that is fit for child-bearing, or the monthly surge of estrogen that men can instinctively detect. Hence, the love-at-first-sight drama is false. It all matters on natural human physiology and timing (not to be confused with the so-called destiny).

Men are naturally inclined to women who demonstrate a good capacity to bear a child—to procreate. Hence, voluptuous women with tiny waists, wide hips, full lips, and a general image of youth are the perfect inamorata of testosterone-driven men.

So what am I getting at?

With man's nature, it is really pointless to be in a committed relationship to only one woman in his whole lifetime. It is against the laws of science. It is a biological fact that men are polygamous in nature. Why commit when the very essence of commitment is defeated by the urges of neurotransmitters in man's body?

Marriage is not for the sole purpose of lifelong commitment and procreation. It is a societal norm to be wed so that one can be taken care of by his children or his spouse in the autumn of his life—a dire action begotten by man's need for survival.

Love is just an illusion, commitment is a vain attempt for self-preservation, and one cannot argue with neurotransmitters.

That is, until one has the conscience to take accountability of his actions.


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